UB5 Is Born

Rob, our head brewer created numerous tasting samples during the Spring of 2017 – the process was like watching a head chef perfect a new signature dish- and finally in May Rob proudly presented his masterpiece.

Many sampled the new brew, all with the same resounding response – fantastic, how have you created this? Male, female, twenty or sixty, lager drinker or cask ale drinker, all appreciated this new, exciting beer, a rare sight to behold.

Now, what to call this new beer – there was one common theme, the number 5! The recipe requires 5 hops, 5 malts, it takes 5 weeks to mature, is 5% ABV and is best served at 5C. It was really that simple in the end, UB5 (Upham Brewery 5) was born.

Available to order now!

Check out the UB5 website for more information…